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Where do I look at this code?

Github repository:

More resources for you

WCTD Code-A-Thon

Getting Started Guide
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Other sites to learn from:

HTML and CSS References

HTML Reference
CSS Reference
CSS Button Generator

From Khan Academy

Intro to HTML/CSS: Making webpages
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Learn JavaScript

Interactive Tutorial

Learn-JS Site


Amazing curriculum for everything from HTML/CSS to JavaScript and becoming a developer ready to start their career:

You may login with "email" and you never need a password. They send a link to your email to log you in.


Visual Studio Code

Download Here - Cross platform text editor

Suggested Extensions:
  • Live Server
  • VS Live Share

Using Images

You can not steal copyrighted images to use for your site. Make sure you have permission to use all images. Creative Commons 0 allows you to alter or use without permission or attribution. Other CC licenses require you to acknowledge the owner, which we can do on our sites.

Teams must attest all images are public domain, had a license that required no attribution, or attribute appropriately (as permitted). No exceptions.

Graphic Design Tools

HTML Templates

Click the button here to see a list of HTML template sites if you want your site to look different.

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Changing background color

The background color of this column was changed with css.

Fun with Lists